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Your Guide to Mindful Design & Healthy Living Spaces


Are you ready to take your home, business & life to the next level?

Feng Shui is a natural earth science that blends architectural & interior design with environmental health and psychology.  Specifically, it studies the influence that an environment has on a person's health / well-being over time.  During the last 50 years, research studies have confirmed what Feng Shui specialists have known for thousands of years: for better or worse, your surroundings effect your disposition which, in turn, effect your actions & behaviors and, inevitably, your future outcomes and successes in life.

Utilizing Feng Shui for your future—

Means taking advantage of all the benefits this 4,000 year old Eastern discipline has to offer, but applying it to your contemporary lifestyle.  Discover how subtle changes to your environment can have positive long-lasting effects on your health, happiness and well-being.

We offer services for:

Individuals and families
Real estate agents
Business owners
Architects, builders and developers
"Thank you for the enlightening and enjoyable consultation! It was just what I needed to assist me in making the shifts and transitions in life."
- Karen S, Carlsbad


"Your work made a world of difference! I am sleeping like a baby, and my daughter is waking up in a good mood instead of her usual grumpy attitude."
- Kathleen K, Leucadia


"When I told my husband I scheduled a Feng Shui consultation he thought I was crazy. Now he's no longer skeptical, he's a believer. He even wants you to do his office!"
- Connie G., Encinitas
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